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Discover more with Asaii. Get machine learning curated lists of talent that fits with your label. Layer that with detailed statistics and filters and we're in business.

Asaii's Discover Charts puts everything into a leaderboard, powered by the Asaii Score to help you make more data informed decisions on whether to engage an artist.

Use predefined filters set by us, or created by you in the Pro tool to get your daily digest of top popping songs by day.

Predefined Filters

Click on a defined filter by us or defined by you to see the top content by day.

Search Bar

Want to find a song, artist, album, or label? Put the info in and search Asaii's database of more than 20 million data points.

Search Bar

Switch between artists, playlists and tracks easily, without breaking your workflow.

Deeper Track Insights

Asaii aggregates information from tracks across various DSPs and displays them for historical accuracy.

Supercharged Filters

Asaii's filters let you find exactly what you need, allowing you to build less of those Excel sheets and dig deeper into your data.

If you want to get dirty with the data, Discover Pro allows you to query our entire database, using powerful filters.

Create the perfect filter tailored to your needs and save them to Discover Charts or see detailed insights on track/artist growth. You never felt more powerful with every single track release at the tip of your hands.

Asaii Selects are auto generated selects using machine learning recommended for you and for you only.

Artists recommended that are on this page are guaranteed to hit a chart within 10 weeks to a year. Our algorithms are able to find the next Justin Bieber, before anyone else.

Select Genre

We tailor our recommendations to you, or you can select recommendations by genre.



Beyond finding is tracking and managing. We're working to aggregate all the data you'd work with into an actionable platform.With Asaii, it's easier than ever to track progress and take action.

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Switch between artists easily, without breaking your workflow.

Deep Analytic Insights

Asaii goes above and beyond and provides insights into demographic data, gender data, and syncing across platforms to understand triggers.

Asaii also doubles down as an artist management portal.

Whether you're a touring agency figuring out where to tour an artist or a record label figuring out how socials affect DSPs, Asaii aggregates info into one dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple dashboards.

Manage all your artists in one place.

See a high level aggregation of all your artists in one page, and see how they grew on socials and DSPs without visiting every artist. The Porfolio page also gives access to your team, to see what artists you are looking at to potentially sign.

Social and DSP Insights

Summarized social and DSP changes, day by day.



Confused how your artist got those Twitter followers? Feed contextualizes all information cross platform and tells you why and how you got a boost. Feed is our most powerful product yet.


Cards are displayed by artist and by event on a certain day.

Growth Graphs

Asaii sees future growth of an artist and predicts past growth if an artist did not achieve a certain boost.


Asaii does analysis using machine learning to understand how one source affected another, giving context to why an artist was successful.

Never double guess how you got growth on a social platform or DSP.

With Feed, Asaii now connects all pieces of the internet to understand and explain how you achieved growth. Whether it's an appearance on SNL giving you a boost on socials or a new release giving you boosts on DSPs, Asaii knows exactly how it happened.


Recommend - Enterprise Only

Asaii Recommend is our API engine that you can connect to your services to power
your user recommendations, elimnate fraud, algorithmically create playlists,
and so on. The possibilites are endless.