Automated A&R and Music Analytics Platform

Discover, track, & manage talent using machine learning

Asaii aggregates and analyzes all music data on the internet,
providing solutions to make sense of all the noise.

Instead of being lost in all the noise, and massive amounts of data...

...let Asaii auto aggregate all content and power your workflow using machine learning!

Meet Our Products


We find artists 10 weeks before they break on charts.

  • Custom curated lists for your team powered by machine learning.
  • Real-time data. Find the newest tracks as they are
    uploaded online.
  • Filter through our catalog of tracks to find the needle in the haystack using dozens of detailed filters.
  • Powered by the Asaii Score, we rank everything on the internet, only giving you the gems.
Find leads 10 weeks before they hit charts.


See trends of a tracked artist. Understand what works and what doesn't.

  • Centralized metrics with impact analysis.
  • Flag or add events that impact the artist confidentially with Asaii.
  • Customized newsfeed based on tracked artists, filters, etc.
  • Set triggers and thresholds for Asaii to notify you of change in status quo.


A live feed of what you care about. Centralized in one location.

  • Feed aggregates information from artists you are tracking and artists popping on our platform and displays them in a newsfeed.
  • Provides “Triggers”, or specific events that caused an increase in numbers in some way.
  • Now understand what the meaning behind growth is or why an artist popped in a DSP or Social.

Empower Your Teams

Artists & Repertoire

No more manual grunt work. Our machine learning powered algorithms finds artists 10 weeks before they chart. Be ahead of the game.

Booking & Promoting

Fill your venue with talent people love. Understand local crowds. Don't mismatch venue and artists.

Marketing & PR

Fine tune artist campaigns. Optimize your campaign budget. See what actions have the highest impact to streams and popularity.