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Discover more with Asaii. Get AI curated lists of talent that fits with your label. Layer that with detailed statistics and filters and we're in business.

Asaii's dashboard puts everything into a leaderboard, giving it an Asaii score to help you make more data informed decisions on whether to engage an artist.

Or if you want deeper data insights, dig deep into Asaii's data insights, giving you hard numbers to back up decisions.

Deeper Track Insights

Asaii aggregates information from tracks across various DSPs and displays them for historical accuracy.

Tracking and Radio

Switch to tracking to track your own artists or check out radio to see more information.

Search Bar

Want to find a song, artist, album, or label? Put the info in and search Asaii's database of more than 20 million data points.

Supercharged Filters

Asaii's filters let you find exactly what you need, allowing you to build less of those Excel sheets and dig deeper into your data.



Beyond finding is tracking and managing. We're working to aggregate all the data you'd work with into an actionable platform.With Asaii, it's easier than ever to track progress and take action.

Search Bar

Switch between artists easily, without breaking your workflow.

Deep Analytic Insights

Asaii goes above and beyond and provides insights into demographic data, gender data, and syncing across platforms to understand triggers.

Asaii also doubles down as an artist management portal.

Whether you're a touring agency figuring out where to tour an artist or a record label figuring out how socials affect DSPs, Asaii aggregates info into one dashboard, eliminating the need for multiple dashboards.



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Use Asaii as a centralized platform to be up to date, always.

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