VIZIO TV Settings for Best Picture [All Modes]

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Vizio TVs have been popular for excellent picture quality while offering umpteen customization options. However, if you’ve been trying to adjust your VIZIO TV settings for best picture quality but aren’t getting what you want, this is just the guide you should look into.

Here, I’ve discussed the optimal VIZIO TV settings for best picture on all modes available on it. So, you can use the information of the mentioned settings to get the best picture quality output on your VIZIO TV.

How to Configure VIZIO Settings for the Best Picture -4 Ways

Image by VIZIO TV Remote

To configure Vizio settings for the best picture, use the Menu option on your TV remote for most VIZIO TV models. But for some VIZIO TV models, you might have to switch to the Custom mode. Then, turn off Adaptive Luma and your Ambient Light Sensor to customize your settings.

Check out the steps below on how to access these settings and customize them based on your preferences. I have also listed specific settings for certain scenarios that can help you quickly customize settings based on the content you wish to watch on your VIZIO TV.

  1. Start by selecting the Menu icon on your VIZIO TV remote.
  2. Select Picture using the remote arrow buttons and press OK.
  3. Next, use the right/left arrow to select Custom from the available picture mode presets. 
  4. You can now customize your settings based on your preferences. However, if your TV supports Adaptive Luma and comes with an Ambient Light Sensor, use the steps below to turn off this feature so you can customize your settings. 
  5. Navigate to More in the menu on your Vizio TV and press the Right arrow.
  6. Select Advanced Picture and press the Right arrow again. 
  7. You will now be able to access your Adaptive Luma and Ambient Light Sensor settings. This is also the menu where you can access additional settings that you might need to turn off or on when using the settings mentioned below.
  8. Now, select Adaptive Luma and use the arrows on your TV remote to set it to Off.
  9. Similarly, set Ambient Light Sensor to Off as well. 
  10. Press the Back button on your remote to go back to your Picture settings.

You can now adjust your picture quality settings on your VIZIO TV using one of the sections mentioned below in this guide.

1. Best VIZIO TV Picture Settings for Gaming

Here are the recommended image settings for VIZIO TV that you should use when Gaming on all modern-day TVs. Please keep in mind that some of these features might not be available for your TV model. It is recommended you configure all settings available to you instead.

Game Low Latency: On

It is highly recommended that you enable the game low latency feature on your VIZIO Smart TV as it will reduce input lag which will make your games feel smoother and responsive when compared to this setting turned off. 

You can find this setting under the Gaming Engine section for your  TV. This should help enable a better game mode on your TV.

Variable Refresh Rate: On (Optional)

Variable Refresh rate can also be found directly under Game Low Latency in the same Gaming Engine section in your TV settings. It is recommended you turn this on to reduce ghosting and perceived jitters when gaming on your  TV. This option will dynamically adjust the screen’s refresh rate.

However, keep in mind that some consoles and HDMI cables might be incompatible with this setting. If you experience performance issues or drops in your frame rates, then it is recommended you test the performance with this feature turned off. In some cases, you might experience better performance depending on the console and HDMI cable you use.

HDMI Mode: Auto or HDMI 2.1

It is recommended you set HDMI in the settings to Auto or HDMI 2.1. This is required so you can use the Variable Refresh Rate feature. But this feature won’t work if this setting isn’t set to Auto. 

You can find this setting in your  TV settings under Input Picture Settings in the Settings menu. You can use the guide at the top to access the settings menu on your TV. 

Eco Mode: Disabled

ECO mode in your VIZIO TV automatically adjusts your settings to reduce its power consumption for better energy savings. However, this can prevent you from dialing in your settings, as it will change your configuration automatically in the background. 

So, I recommend you disable ECO settings on your TV. This mode can be found under the Power Mode option in your VIZIO TV settings.

General Picture Menu Settings

You can use the following values for other general settings. This is also known as SDR settings. It lets you improve image quality when gaming on your VIZIO TV. 

Keep in mind that Brightness and Backlight settings control will highly depend on your current ambient lighting. So, you should fine-tune these values when dialing in the following calibration settings on your TV.

Advanced Settings

These picture settings should help optimize your VIZIO Smart TV’s output quality for a better watching experience, along with gaming.

Settings for Older Models for the Best Picture Quality When Gaming

If you have a VIZIO TV model that does not belong to the modern-day VIZIO TV series, you can use the picture settings mentioned below instead.

However, if you find a feature or setting on your TV that is not listed here, you should refer to your TV manual or use trial and error to properly calibrate these settings. Moreover, Backlight and Brightness values are just suggestions. You should configure them based on your current ambient light.

2. Best VIZIO TV settings for Movies

The best picture settings should help entail a great movie-watching experience on your TV, no matter what it is about. You can use the following recommended settings to watch and enjoy Movies on your VIZIO TV.

General Picture setting

Advanced Picture Settings

For Older Models

You can adjust the settings for optimal picture output for watching movies on your VIZIO TV models.

You can use these settings for the features that are available on your VIZIO TV.

3. Best VIZIO Settings for Image Enhancements

With VIZIO TV settings, you can adjust and enhance the images professionally. This is helpful when you have to edit photos or videos. You can use the best picture settings below:

General Picture setting

Advanced Picture Settings

Settings For Older Models for Best Picture Mode

If you have a TV that does not belong to one of the current TV series, use the best picture settings below to calibrate your TV for image enhancements.

You may find some of the features unavailable on your VIZIO TV model. However, you can adjust the rest of the settings based on the available ones in your VIZIO TV model.

4. Best VIZIO TV Settings for Best Picture Display

If you’re looking for generally great video quality when using your VIZIO TV, you can opt to use the following best picture settings.

General Settings

Advanced Picture Settings

For Older Models

If your VIZIO smart TV model does not belong to any modern-day series manufactured, you can use the following general best picture settings for great picture quality.

Whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or enhancing images, you can also try experimenting with default settings on your TV.

Which HDMI Resolution Is Best for VIZIO TV Settings?

For the best image quality on a Vizio TV, use the default HDMI resolution or the closest match available. If your device has performance issues, lower the resolution incrementally. For example, if the TV supports 4K, use 4K in HDR for the best image, but if your device can’t handle it, lower the resolution to 1080p or 720p.

The default HDMI resolution for your VIZIO TV is the optimal resolution for any use. But if your console or PC is unable to match the resolution supported by your TV, you should choose the closest resolution available match. This will ensure that you are getting the best possible picture quality while still being able to use your device with VIZIO TV.

For example, if your TV supports 4K, then you should use 4K in HDR for the best image. However, if your PC or console faces performance issues, you can drop down in increments from 4K to 1080p or 720p, and so on if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get the Best Picture on My VIZIO TV?

To get the best picture quality on your Vizio TC, you should first ensure that your color and backlight values are dialed in to compensate for the ambient lighting in your TV room. Then depending on the input source, be it a console, PC, or streaming box, you should buy the appropriate HDMI cable.

In some cases, you might have to experiment further with model-specific features like Motion Control settings to get the best image on your VIZIO Smart TV.

Which Is Better, 1080i or 1080p?

1080p offers superior quality when compared to 1080i. Although both resolutions measure the same in terms of pixels, how they display your picture is slightly different. 1080i uses an interlaced scan which is inferior when compared to 1080p’s progressive scan.

How do I turn on 4K on my VIZIO TV?

If the streaming app or channel you’re using is showing the content in 4K, your Vizio TV will automatically register that and show you 4k video quality. So, there is no need to adjust any picture settings on Vizio TV for 4k viewing.

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